Sambal Orek. A staple in Malaysian and Thai cooking. Oelek means grinding so sambal oelek means ground chilli sambal! Sambal Oelek is a staple for me.

Sambal Orek It is not just one recipe though. It distinguishes itself in the way it is traditionally prepared. The word oelek refers to the original dialect for pestle. Anda bisa membuat Sambal Orek menggunakan 6 bahan dan 3 steps. cara untuk membuat resep ini.

Bahan – Bahan untuk membuat Sambal Orek

  1. Siapkan of cabe merah keriting.
  2. Anda Membutuhkan of cabe rawit.
  3. Anda Membutuhkan of garam.
  4. Anda Membutuhkan of gula.
  5. Anda Membutuhkan of terasi.
  6. Anda Membutuhkan of minyak panas.

Traditionally, sambal oelek would be prepared fresh. Simplicity is among the qualities that set sambal oelek apart from other chili sauces and pastes. Make or buy another type of sambal if you want complexity. Some versions come with garlic but even those will not be intensely flavored, and some may also contain an acid.

Langkah Membuat Sambal Orek

  1. Haluskan cabe, gula, garam dan terasi. Tuang dengan minyak panas..
  2. Siap disajikan dengan lauk favorit..
  3. Disajikan dengan bala-bala juga yummy..

We also love sambal oelek mixed with mayo—it makes for an amazing spicy dipping sauce. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at Sambal oelek is an Asian ingredient made with chiles and only flavored with vinegar and a little salt. The sauce is used as a cooking sauce rather than a condiment. You can find Sambal Oelek in the Asian section of well-stocked grocery store, most Asian grocery stores and online at Amazon. Our latest go-to is sambal oelek, an Indonesian ground chili paste made of fresh red chiles, salt, and vinegar.